Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Had enough

It sucks when you don't know what you want in life!

It sucks even more when the people around you is not encouraging you!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Was reading through my written entries over these years....

And I guess the most grateful thing in my life here in KL is when I get to meet these bunch of peeps...

*Full SYMK gang!*

We have been through thick and thin together...ups and downs together... endure happiness and hardships together...laughed and cried together...

Most of all I love my girls...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Man in the mirror

Just a random post...

Few weeks back my church invited Alarice to perform in the church and I fell in love with this song the moment she sings it....
To me, this is the best and most meaningful song of MJ.

Hope you guys will enjoy it too... I love this version alot..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bad feeling....

Is that feeling again.....I felt as if the whole world is against me now... Did I do anything wrong to be treated this way?

First, I have my work....it's ALWAYS about work....I am tired.....darn tired alright?
Secondly, I have no idea why some people likes to treat as though the whole world is wrong and she is always right.
Thirdly, why??? WHY??? Why hasn't he ask me yet?
Fourthly, why am I not rich? How I wish I can buy whatever I need to buy without thinking I don't have enough money.

Watched Shrek - Forever After with bee last night. Sometimes I wish fairytale really exist....how good it is if only there's a contract that I can sign on that says I don't have to go through all these hardships and in future I will have a good life with no strings attached. Hahahahaha!

Oh well, life still goes on despite whatever happens....

Anyway, highlight for this month...Da was here for 2 weeks for training...got to meet her. Though we didn't really have much time together but I'm glad that we get to talk and spend time together...not to say we don't talk...we still talk almost everyday...haha

Miss ya babe!

Oh, and not forgeting bee too! =D

Monday, April 26, 2010


After a year, here I am dragging myself to exercise again...bahahaahhahaa!!

2 months ago PL & Jason asked us to join them for Standard Chart. marathon. I wasn't thinking of joining at all, until EK say 'why not?'

Then I asked myself - If he wants to run, then WHY NOT?

And so we registered 2 weeks ago and I was telling him that I have to start training... TRAINING....TRAINING....talk as if I'm going for the full marathon.... truth is...I'm only running for 5km.... bahahahahaaa!
Hey, but it's very long for me okay?! -_-'''

Aight so last weekend we decided to jog.....
I literally felt like lying on the floor after the jog...I think I ran for 1 round (not sure if it reaches 1 full round!) and walk for the rest of the 5 rou
nds! PHEW!!
My muscles and whole body is still aching til now -_-'''

I know la I don't do exercise that's why aching....walk also cannot walk properly...

It's okay...I shall improve this week! *pat my own head*....


It felt like didn't work out at all when we had these for dinner............





Thursday, April 1, 2010

Stronger Than

Is it my fault I can't speak or that my body becomes weak
or that I can hardly move
at the very thought of you
nothing ever really got to me
I could always turn the other cheek
could it be those days are gone
could've sworn that I was strong
at least stronger than these emotions
that are taking over me
I swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me...

No no no no this can't be it
the less you are the less she is
no no no no 'cause I can usually handle this
I wasn't ready for these emotions
that are taking over me
I swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me

You're the silence in a roaring crowd
you're the equivalent of a fluffy cloud
a genie in a bottle
make a wish to wish the wishes will never end
you're the platinum in my treasure chest
you're the answer that i never woulda guessed
I'm a love life test
and I don't mind at all
I don't mind at all

I swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me
I swear I'm stronger than these emotions
but they're taking over me
its just I wasn't ready for these

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I wish I had a ....

How I wish Aladdin's story will come true some time....as in to have a genie in a lamp.
IF......I repeat IF....I really have that I would wish that the genie would grant me 3 wishes:

1) Get a room for me (Internet + Washing Machine + Heater + Car Park)
2) Get a new job for me
3) If the above 2 are not granted, better still get me out of here so I won't have to go through all of these!

I am tired....physically and mentally....
I just wish that after a long day, I have someone or something to pamper me...